Unity, Innovation, Integrity, Service, Benefit
?Shenzhen Heshine Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of a number of senior LED lighting designers. With rich experience in LED lighting product design, strong design team and perfect supply chain management team, we have won a number of product design patents. We focus on product R & D and precision manufacturing, and are able to provide high-power electronic chips, high-power LED lighting and other excellent cooling technology solutions and product suppliers. We are constantly innovating in the field of heat dissipation product technology and outdoor lighting. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Unity, Innovation, Integrity, Service, Benefit", our company advocates energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development, and strives to promote the modularization, generalization and standardization of LED lighting products, reducing inventory pressure and storage management costs.
HESHINE LIGHTING Reliable supplier

HESHINE LIGHTING, a reliable supplier of high power outdoor lighting products, develops and produces high quality products and lighting solutions. We have been endeavoring to provide reliable products and satisfying service for our clients with the core technology we hold. We unswervingly adhere to the principle of “Quality priority, Customer first.”Adhering to continuous innovation and independent design, we take customer needs as the criterion, and provide customers with a variety of lighting solutions. Choose us, choose a brighter world!

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Independent mold design ,7/24 on-call service ,5 years warranty ,Keep up with The Times, keep innovating 
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